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Collections of a Short Story [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Collections of a Short Story

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Chapter 5 - Everything the safer way [Oct. 5th, 2003|08:25 pm]
Collections of a Short Story
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Stereo Lab - Escape Pod]

I've been having the most boring weekend in the world. I just locked myself up in my apartment so that I'd finish my essay, but since I have ADD or something, I haven't gotten anywhere since I take breaks every 15 minutes and two hour naps every other hour. I want therapy.

The highlight of my weekend though, was earlier today when we went to SAFEWAY. Oh my gosh I swear that everytime I go there I come back high. I don't know what it is about grocery shopping, but IT'S SO WONDERFUL. If I had the choice between Disneyland and Safeway, I would choose Safeway. If I had the choice between a week vacation to Hawaii and a trip to Safeway, I'd choose Safeway. If I had a choice between a petting zoo and Safeway, now that's when I get confused.

Anyways, Jennie and Pam took me and I miss those kids like 35 cent ice cream at Rite-Aid. They only live a block away and I barely spend any time with them. Once I'm done with this god damn paper, I'm gonna run down to give them a hug.

Afterwards, Mari and I went to the soccer game to root for Yohei and Troy. It was against Stanford and they beat them 3 to 1! Woot woot, take that suckers.

We ran into this Turkish, old, crazy lady that lives on our floor when we got off the elevator, and Mari asked "How are you?" And then she started talking about how her library books just got stolen and WOULDNT STOP TALKING . She claims that the tenants of the building are crooks and pull all sortsa illegal ish , and that they hate her because she is trying to get them arrested, and that they are probly the ones that broke into her room and stole her books. She went on about how we should report all the mean things they do to the campus so we could get cheaper rent or something like that, and talked for FORTY minutes. Honestly. I had to pee and I was so miserable standing there.

Afterwards Mari and I were talking about what the lady had to say and I was like, "I think she's just a scitzo. It's all in her head." and Mari was like, "No, I think a lot of the things she said is true cuz I've noticed too." Shoot, I think I have trust issues now.

OH and I opened the fridge today and guess what I saw. You know the psycho path that I live with? Well she labeled EVERY ONE OF HER FOODS as hers. Like she wrote it on strips of paper and taped it on. From a snicker bar to her guacamole. She swears we're out to get her food. Honestly, that just makes me wanna go in there and eat everything of hers up and tell her our tenants broke in and did it while we were sleeping.

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Chapter 4 [Oct. 3rd, 2003|09:11 pm]
Collections of a Short Story
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |The Cardigans - Our Space]

I got my phone in the mail today. Woot woot party in the house! I was so excited, I felt so deprived for a whole week. It's not the same phone I used to have, but it's supposedly a little better. It has a flash camera and the whole nine yards.

I'm gonna go to a party with Jennie later on tonight. I hope I don't steal anything this time. I'm trying to work right now but I'm not really because I have a short attention span.

So I live in an apartment this year with these three other girls, and one of them is PSYCHO. Like not in a 'haha woa you're a funny kid' type of psycho, but like a 'WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM' type of psycho. Sometimes she's alright when she's not being psycho, but for the most part she ticks all of us off. Like I just opened the fridge and there's a pile of oranges hogging the top shelf and there's a note on it in pink writing that says "Hi there! We belong to Stephanie. Please don't eat us if your name is not Stephanie. Thank you :-)"

Why are there 15 oranges in the fridge, I thought fruits didn't have to be refridgerated. And why are the oranges talking to me, they're not alive. Why didn't she address the note from herself. But then why couldn't she just tell us not to eat her oranges. I DONT GET IT. Therefore she is psycho.

Otherwise, everything is better now and I'm happy again. No more Sheemo. Yayaya.
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Chapter 3 - Meet Sheemo [Oct. 2nd, 2003|11:11 pm]
Collections of a Short Story
[mood |sicksick]
[music |Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar]

I had a lonely day today, Phantom Planet style. I woke up and went to my first class but then I was being Sheemo today so I left and went home instead of going to the rest of my classes.

Oh gosh I swear I've missed more classes this semester than I would miss the basket ball hoop during P.E. But I swear that starting next week I am going to be the best student in the whole world.

I took a 5 hour nap cuz I was tired from my leaky eyes. Then I woke up and lounged around and woa crazy, that was my whole day. What a bum.

My eyes hurt so much I swear it feels like someone coated the back of my eyelids with Bengay OUUUUCH. And that's why I'm gonna go now.
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Chapter 2 - An eye for an eye [Oct. 2nd, 2003|01:03 am]
Collections of a Short Story
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |get up kids - Hannah hold on]

Mike and I went to San Francisco today cuz my cell phone got stolen the other day and I needed to get a new one.

Oh it's actually a very dramatic story about how it got stolen, so listen up. A bunch of us went to a frat party Saturday night (the first and last one I'm going to, if you ask me) and Natalie and I had a coat and purse but we wanted to dance so Natalie was like OH LETS HIDE EVERYTHING IN THE KITCHEN CABINET so i was like 'that sounds great' and so we did. We went to go find drinks, but then ten minutes later I was like, Oh yeah I'm waiting for a call. So we went back and OUR STUFF WAS GONE. Two coats, my purse with my cell phone and her cell phone. Gone baby, gone.

We looked a bit but we gave up after awhile, figuring that some crazy mofo took it and just ran the hell out, and we had a ton of fun anyways. Then when the party was breaking up, we went back to the kitchen one last time and in my drunken rage I was like IMA GONNA STEAL THESE HOT DOG BUNS AS REVENGE. But then Jackie was like, 'Get something more valuable" So I took some crutches that were lying against the wall instead and I crutched outta the place so no one'd be suspicious. I get really loud when I'm drunk so I was all yelling, GET OUTTA MY WAY, I BROKE MY LEG. and everyone was like, 'aww i'm sorry, how'd that happen hun.' and moved outta my way. It was great.

So I'm selling those crutches if anyone's interested. They're gonna help me pay for Mari's coat that I had borrowed. FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Beat that!

But then the next morning I realized that probly some completely innocent kid must've limped back to the kitchen after he had fun sitting down and watching people dance, and found that his crutches were GONE. But then he would've had to walk back home anyways, and while he was walking home he could've put too much weight on his leg and then broken it AGAIN. Oh shoot that is so horrible, I am going to hell.

Buuuut then again there's the possibility that some guy that broke his leg from being a kleptomaniac came into the kitchen and saw our stuff and ditched his clutches so he could use both arms to carry our stuff. In fact, I bet that's exactly what happened.

Anyways, my phone was still gone so we went to SF and found the sprint store but then all they did was give me a phone number to call so they could ship it, so that was a wasteful trip. But we still had loads of fun anyways, exploring my favorite city ever.

Then I worked at the office for the radio station. It's always fun cuz I get to chill with the manager guy and I love talking to him because he is a genius and he knows everything and everything and he teaches me stuff.

Then home. Then I cooked Mike dinner because he missed his co-op dinner. And now I am here and sleepy again.

I lost a little hope in humanity tonight.
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Chapter One [Sep. 30th, 2003|09:30 pm]
Collections of a Short Story
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Yann Tiersen - A Quai]

Hello hello, this is my livejournal debut. I'm excited cuz I haven't written in such a long time and this'll probly make me write more regularly.

So hi. My name is Sheena and I live in Berkeley and go to school and I like cows and for the rest of my introduction please refer to my info page.

OK let's talk about my day today. I was supposed to stay up all night to do my paper that was due today but I fell asleep and woke up at nine, so I have to turn it in late now. I should go to hell for being such a slacker but I'm not gonna.

After class I met up with Mike and he took me to his co-op. Co-ops are basically big huge mansions with tonsa rooms that a hundred students live in, and they all eat dinner together, take turns washing dishes and cleaning, watch tv together and a whole bunch of other stuff and it's a basically a big huge mass of CO-OPeration. Clever huh.

Mike had invited me for their dinner and let me just tell you that it was CRAZY. I honestly felt like I was at a prison where they only get fed once a week or something. 5 minutes before dinner was gonna be served a few kids started banging on their plates and grunting and then the second this small kid with the foods in a hot tray came out, everyone trampled over him and jabbed the food with their forks. Poor guy I wonder if he's okay.

The food wasn't five star quality or anything but it was free so why compalin. We watched parts of this awesome movie while we ate that I think I'm gonna fall in love with.

And then I went to the radio station to get some production training and it was the most boring hour of my life, I thought I was going to die. I was already sleepy and all the guy kept talking about was how Arnold Schwartzeneger is an idiot. But I was like HELLO YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR TALKING ABOUT THAT FOR TWENTY MINUTES WHEN I'M SLEEPY. Stupid activist.

And now I am here. And I'm still sleepy.
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